Will Macpherson

Managing Director

Prior to starting CAM, Will worked within the hospitality industry at a senior operational and general management level within two of the largest global hotel brands and has experience in 4 of the major cities in the UK.  Known for his dynamic and modern leadership skills, Will is able to guide and build strategies for any business to ensure that the commercial, operational and people elements focus on delivering results for all stakeholders. 

CAM Ventures exists to break open the perceived inner-circle of investment and support. We wanted to develop a strong support structure and make it available to any business that needs it. We are approachable, informal and fun but do not allow that to underestimate our worth and the impact we can have on your business.

Penny Wither

Commercial Manager

Penny is CAM’s commercial lead and comes from a background of supporting a variety of businesses with their commercial plans.  Penny’s has experience of working throughout UAE, Europe and in the UK which gives her a broad spectrum of strategies to employ.  Penny focusses on increasing revenue for our ventures and clients by devising sales and marketing strategies that are catered to meet the needs of the business and deliver results.

The CAM Toolkit

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