Campbell Archibald​


Investor. Chairman. Strategic operator. Business consultant and Distillery owner. Supporting business owners achieve their goals through strategic investment, support and growth expertise. 

With over 22 years of experience in growing and then selling Alba Power, I am now using that experience and expertise in a number of diverse industries. In hospitality as an investor and chairperson of CAM Ventures. In distilling as owner at the ridiculously good fun Angus Alchemy and in procurement as chairperson at Critica Group. Additionally my philanthropic juices flow with several supporting roles including The Circle, Dundee and Angus Chamber and DD8 Music.

CAM Ventures exists to break open the perceived inner-circle of investment and support. We wanted to develop a strong support structure and make it available to any business that needs it. We are approachable, informal and fun but do not allow that to underestimate our worth and the impact we can have on your business.

Kieran Turner

Group Hospitality Manager

Originally joining the CAM Ventures team as Chef Manager at Angus Grill + Larder in 2022, Kieran has quickly become an integral team member. From creating delicious menus which are filled with local produce, to being the brains behind the Grill’s legendary burger specials, Kieran now works to oversee all food and beverage operations undertaken with CAM Ventures. Spearheading the Grill’s expansion into event catering and providing expert insight on our consultancy projects, Kieran is a huge asset to the CAM Ventures team. 

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