Angus Grill and Larder

AG+L is a high end café/grill on the side of the A90, 3 miles South of Brechin.  CAM Ventures took on a premises that was a victim of the Covid-19 pandemic, and gave it a new lease of life. We gave it a full facelift outside and in, developed and brand new menu showcasing local producers and enhanced the offering with a secure dog paddock, outside seating area and retail section. EV charge points will soon complete the project. In its first year it will deliver 25% over the budgeted figures.

Angels Dare Cocktails

Angels Dare Cocktails is a crafted ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail brand which was launched in March 2022.  Daring to be different and raising the bar of RTD cocktails, Angels Dare has achieved listings at some of the biggest events in the country in its first year and will over deliver budgeted figures by 45%.

The Mantuary

Summer 2022 will see this exciting new male grooming concept coming to Dundee, redefining male grooming and beauty experiences.



D!P is a new company that will raise the bar of dips in the market and retail sectors.  Bored of the same old salsas and sour cream, D!P is creating luxurious flavours and textures that will make an ordinary crisp taste amazing.

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