CAM Ventures invest in, operate and support
exceptional hospitality business ventures.

The CAM Way

CAM Ventures are a forward-thinking company that are breaking down the barriers of traditional hospitality investment and operations. We work with a variety of operations from mobile catering to branded hotels and their management companies. With 25 years of experience in hospitality, we highlight what opportunities exist and devise strategies to exploit them.

Aerial shot of busy cafe table
Modern bar setup

The CAM Ethos

Our ethos is to implement strategies that are simple, modern and effective resulting in increased performance across all areas.  Whether your business is a start-up or already established, we take the time to understand your business and focus on developing strategies that will make the most significant gains first.  When you work with CAM Ventures you work with highly engaged individuals that want to deliver, but want to deliver in a way that is bold, creative and fun.

The CAM Difference

There are no barriers with CAM Ventures; we strive for diversity in our business.  It doesn’t matter what size of project you have, or if you just have a great idea, we want to be involved and we want to make a difference.  Small business owners don’t think that they can afford the cost of a full management team, but working with us month-by-month will equip you with tools for greater success.  There are a vast number of talented individuals who have a great business idea, but they may lack the initial cash investment or the business acumen to make their idea come to life.  There are financially successful people who want to rescue their local pub, but don’t know how to run a pub.  We want to talk, we want to help.

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The CAM Toolkit

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