What We Do


We invest in, and partner with, hospitality talent looking to bring their concept to life. Be it an artisan bakery, a city centre restaurant, country pub or hotel; we want to be involved. We provide the tools and support you would associate with a large organisation to give our investments the best chance of success. We want everybody involved to be a winner. If you have a hospitality business idea and are looking for investment or support then please get in touch.

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Managing Ventures

You may be an established hospitality business owner or an investor looking to take your first step into the hospitality arena, we can help. We specialise in branded and independent hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes. We provide support from the planning stages through to fully managing your business, to ensure it runs successfully and provides the returns you deserve.

Helping Others Venture

For specific business goals or objectives within your business, we can provide support to help you venture forward. Our expertise produces results in any sector of the industry whether it be branded and independent hotels or smaller stand-alone hospitality service businesses and we are more than happy to have an informal discussion to explain how we can add value.

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The CAM Toolkit

Start your next venture

If you would like to discuss a project please give us a shout.