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CAM have two different types of ventures, those that we fully own and operate and those where we have invested and support the founders to grow and develop their business. We use everything within our toolkit to ensure our ventures maximise their full potential and perform beyond expectations.

Supporting Others to Venture

CAM also work with other businesses that require a light touch in order to reach their potential. In this way, we support a variety of businesses across the UK who use our operational and commercial knowledge to drive their business and ensure they are delivering on all metrics. The CAM approach means we have the agility to support on long term projects or a short term action plan for the business to execute by themselves. Get in touch today if you think this is something your business could benefit from.

Managing Ventures

CAM also offer third party management for owners that do not have the knowledge and expertise within their team to operate their business.  CAM can provide the tools, strategies and policies to manage your business to deliver results.

The CAM Toolkit

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